The Association

Progetto Diritti o.n.l.u.s., a non-profit institution dedicated to protecting the rights of the less well-off and promoting local development actions, offers information and guidance services to immigrants, the less well off living in suburban areas, the disabled, the unemployed and the employed.

Established in 1985 when it was know for the legal assistance provided to the people, hence its name, Servizio Legale Popolare, in 1992 it was incorporated with the name of Progetto Diritti and finally 1998 became a non-profit institution.

From the early 90’s, P.D. provides legal and social assistance and guidance with the support of legal experts and social workers to hundreds of end-users in need of help for administrative procedures and legal cases brought before courts in relation to residential permits, deportation cases, rights of citizenship, ownership of the status of asylum seeker, through a network of legal experts across the country. Foreign citizens are provided with legal assistance during criminal trials. Immigrant detainees are assisted by social workers cooperating with specialised non-profit associations. Children are taken care of in situations of family re-union and whenever they are in need of protection. Immigrants are also assisted in their efforts to get a job, set up businesses, come to terms with housing problems and bureaucracy (permits and the like). They are also assisted in training and re-qualification.

Progetto Diritti is specialised in the area of asylum seeking legislation, in cooperation with social and political players, and carries out research and consultation activities.

Quartiere Donna, specialised in protecting the rights of women and the fight against social and gender discrimination, and Progetto Diritti Consumatori e Utenti, specialised in protecting consumers and users, are partners with Progetto Diritti.

Progetto Diritti and Servizio Legale Immigrati are members of the Permanent City Council of Rome on penitentiary issues.

Partner in the Master Course on Cultural Mediation Policies with the III University of Rome for the training of social workers in the employ of Rome Municipal Vocational Guidance Centres with particular reference to the integration of immigrant workers.

Partner in a number of projects, along with municipal administrations (e.g. the city of Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna), business and trade associations (e.g. PALMS project – eligible for Equal phase II/Ob.1 on employability EU funding- focused on the social integration of immigrant children without parents or relatives.

Partner with the XIX Department of the Municipal Administration of Rome for assistance provided to immigrant candidates participating in the call for tender on the incorporation of immigrant businesses.

Partner with the V Department of the Municipal Administration of Rome in the framework of the ANCI- promoted IntegRARsi project – local networks for the integration of asylum seekers and refugees, as part of the EQUAL Programme, II phase with the objective of fighting against social and economic exclusion of asylum seekers and refugees.

Progetto Diritti is member of the official register of association and entities involved in activities focused on the fight against discrimination, under the aegis of the Prime Minister Office, Department of Equal Opportunities, Office for the promotion of equal treatment and elimination of ethnic discrimination.

As a result of the Ministerial Decree No. , Progetto Diritti is member of the register of associations involved in social programmes in favour of immigrants with the Department of Labour and Social Policies.

The Associations Progetto Diritti and Servizio Legale Immigrati provide social assistance and guidance services in their premises located on 79 Via Ettore Giovenale (Pigneto), Rome and on 31 Via Principe Eugenio (Piazza Vittorio Emanuela) Rome respectively; in the latter premises the association provides assistance and guidance services on labour and social securities.

The Association Progetto Diritti, the Servizio Legale Immigrati and the Instituto Nazionale per la Medicina delle Migrazione e della Povertà, together with the representatives of foreign/immigrant communities living in Rome and with the participation of legal experts, physicians, psychologists, social mediators and rehabilitation therapists set up the Singh Mohinder Committee in 2008 for the protection of immigrants that are victims of work accidents. Given the high number of industrial accidents in which foreign workers are involved, the difficulties immigrant workers face in their working life, which exacerbate their condition when they have industrial accidents, there is the compelling need to assist the family who seek to claim for compensation through consulates and embassies, as well as health care for the worker or his/her family as well as for family re-union purposes.

The Committee aims at promoting information campaigns and sensitising the people and the relevant authorities to provide education and training on legality and safety at work; fighting against the violations of work safety laws and provisions; protecting immigrants victims of industrial accidents and their families, promoting health care, rehabilitation, social and therapeutic assistance to the victims of industrial accidents and their families; providing social assistance programmes to the victims of industrial accidents in their countries of origin with the participation of consulates and embassies; raising funds and provide guidance and assistance during the trials following the industrial accidents; making sure that the relevant authorities recognise the rights of the victim of the industrial accident (as well as his or her family) to remove all obstacles preventing the immigrant worker and his/her family from exercise fully his/her rights ensuing from the industrial accident; helping the victim’s family to enter the country where the industrial accident occurred to allow their involvement in assisting their relative; and providing information of the rights of the family envisaged by the legislation in case of industrial accident.

The Committee is provided with a Charter for Services. Progetto Diretta service is also available on websit (where people report the lack of safety at their work place through mms or clips). It is possible to download a video entitled Italy Paradis by Veronica Suriano, about the story of many foreign workers, their communities and the need to help.